Where Were You in the Wild?

by Language Arts

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"...classical guitar virtuosity, verbose lyrics and a singing style that's part Joanna Newsom innocence and part gutsy, quick-fire rap." - Now (Toronto, ON)


released October 27, 2009

Author, Composer - Kristen Cudmore (SOCAN)
String Arrangements by - Gregor Phillips
Producer - Gregor Phillips
Engineers - Gregor Phillips, Caleb Stull & Trevor Schultz
Mixing by - Gregor Phillips
Mastering by - Stephan Mihjalovich

Performances by:
Kristen Cudmore - Vocals, Guitars, Banjo & Piano
Gregor Phillips - Drums, Percussion & Synthesizers
Michael Vaughan - Upright & Electric Bass
Karma Sohn - Keyboards
Meredith Bates - Violin & Viola
Shin Jung Nam - Cello

Recorded in Vancouver, BC at: Ogre Studios, Blue Wave Studios & Cinescope Sound

Album Artwork by: Laura Anderson
Artwork Photograph by: John Bautista
Layout by: Molly Winston


all rights reserved



Language Arts

Art-pop + Synthwave Realgoodery

New album 'Lemon//Lime' Coming 2020

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Track Name: Cavity
Did you know most things are microwavable?
Have a fine time on the frontier dunging out the stable
Could I be your hive?

You wanted the sheets to dry didn't you didn't you?
Or am I the only one on the clothesline that the wind carries through?
Don't get your back up and don't get your back around
Depending on yourself never ever let you down

Will what said have impact or portray?
What dies higher management have to say?
Centipedes crawling all over these memories
Wash it all away with slurpees wash it all away with slurpees

If all there was to eat was candy
Which would be the most healthy and can we
Survive very long in this land see
If we'd even bother filling the cavity
Track Name: White Socks in Birkenstocks
Did you even know?
What that smirk on the sidewalk said
Then you pretend the change in your pocket
Was a sock filled head

You grow your own organics
For your sisters kids
Constantly climbing the tea tree
You'll have on display at Christmas

Do you have a spiritual leader?
Do you even know what that tattoo means?
Covered in Chinese cursive
From your ankles to your knees

You're giving therapy
But what you tell they don't know at all
Who knew you invested the money
Into thickening the wall

And then you have to think, "Let's face it
You don't know what you've got,
Just bring it back to the basics like
White socks in Birkenstocks."

So she says that she loves him
But she doesn't like what he bought
His hair's too long, his arms are too short
And he smokes too much pot

We all know what the right thing to do is
No need to ask a pharmacist
Set the table and prepare yourself
A complete and nutritious breakfast

And then you have to think, "Let's face it
You don't know what you've got,
Just bring it back to the basics like
White socks in Birkenstocks."

When I am looking down at all of this
What of it really matters?
Call me an anthropologist
Questioning our cultures' patterns
Track Name: Where Were You in the Wild?
Where were you in the wild?
It isn't Tabasco because it isn't in you
Hello patriotic patrons made of neutrons and glue
Are you a product of your parents or a product of your past?
Who has licensed you to carry your own mass?
It isn't the Sasquatch with the comb over smug
Are you the type to sweep it under the rug
Who's entitled to this backstage access
Which bills have been past since we've paid our taxes?
You can have your rice dream in your ignorant igloo
I'll be sure not to bother you

What a silly life to have lead

If you want to wear those circus T-shirts and watch sequenced scenesters that's alright by me
If you swing a baseball bat at the bats in the attic I'll go out for a tea
If you want to cut your wages and cut your losses I'll go out and cut my hair
If you want to reorganize your words on the computer screen I'll see you next year

What a silly life to have lead

I'll swing the hatchet at those shrubs that cause havoc
I'll never know that this day would've come or if it existed
If I knew I'd stumble upon you I'd at least bring some balloons
I'd try to see the colors that I never knew
I'd take on this habitat and find loose-leaf to draw
I'd bury my seedlings and carry my body parts tall
To have to have and not give back

I have enough friendship bracelets anyway
Track Name: Lighthouse
Grab onto this life-line
It doesn't feel so bad
It drags you on, it drags you home
To the lighthouse

A ray rotating
Put your foot in the sand
It leads you on, it leads you home
To the lighthouse

If it wasn't for your persistence I wouldn't be here!

Call out these anthems
Just walk on in
In my imagination the details have gone
For a swim

Is this the orphanage
Where we all begin
A castle in the sky
In my mud-pie mind
Please sign in
Track Name: Cough Drop
If I could write bright songs all night like Randy Newman I would
'How are you?' is asked and you suggest that I say that 'I'm good!'
Even if I'm really not, I'll bite my tongue and pretend to talk
Is this how life gets blocked off, my mind interupts thoughts with a cough

Can I be your cough drop?

A scratch and sniff that you can't smell MUNDANE is a word that you can't spell
What's on the agenda for this afternoon?
I've sat down and thought of you and you and you...

Have you been held back from nearly yelling???

Can I be your cough drop?
Track Name: Benson
It's been the topic of my minds conversation
It's hard to know how this place will pan
Look at the blue prints, foresee the plan
My insides go from cities to sand
I'm living in a masterpiece but am counting all of the time
Painting a picture on my sleeve into a yield sign
It seems so passive, time is rapid and against the grain
And it seems all I'll lose is stuck feeling the same
I'll run from the dog next door, haven't been able to breathe since age 4
Allergic to the pet store and all I want in life is a few more
So give me a number, I'll take my place
No one is watching anything but a TV face
How will I fill my plate?
It should be symphonic
Especially when everyone's tastes say
"It's better electronic!"

Read the financials and do what you want
Match the numbers to the small fonts
I'll write you in nature like May flowers in fall
The only reason I have trouble is that I am not sleeping at all
I have this innocent mobile of guilt crowded over my head sway
I am too scared to move but too uncomfortable to stay
And the marbles are lost like the super jumbo frosty
That the kids threw in the field for a frenzy while graduating from elementary
When your mind is like the Kentucky Derby
You just want to tell them where to stick it
It goes as fast as it wants because
There's no fear in getting a ticket
Track Name: Boxed In
I'm going cross-eyed
Talking to myself
I don't know this scene
Don't know what I'm seeing
This whole thing is pretty taxing

While it's all being squared away
I'll listen to myself say

"Let it off your back
Take off that ridiculously large backpack
Take the time to lay back
But don't let yourself get too comfortable"

Boxing, moving, changing, stow away
There's nothing to it they all say
It's all being squared away
Yes it's all being squared away

But I'm boxed in and I can't fight my way out

Cause I want to know you in my next life
Does being young make it any different?
Will I ever be able to comment?
I try not to screw it up and screw it too tight
Don't crack the wood it makes things unstable
Crack the words to this mysterious fable
What is this feeling and is it more than one?
Is it ever capable of being something worth wondering?
Track Name: Grandfather of the Buffalo
We complain all of the time
For example I'll quote an anon. sheet
"I cried because I had no shoes
Until I saw a man who had no feet"
It's about time we leave our problems at the door or swept under the rug
Or prepare to stare them in the eye
Wide open, not all buggy bugged
I try to find these principles
Pretty standard to follow
Keep my mind airing out
Make it solid not hollow
Don't find yourself drooling over someone else's dinner
Remember that everyone you meet is holding an invisible mirror
I always visualize 'there' is a better place
I should be living 'here' enjoying present pace
I've got to take time to stop and pat the neighbors cat
...And lap up any opportunity that I might get
It's about time for a change to start a revolution
It's medicine time without the billings and prescriptions
I'll do what I can even if I hit the finish line with an asthma attack under the sun
As long as I feel it is wind-blowing-through-your-hair type of fun
Doing this double Dutch thing juggling all of my time all the same
I have come to fill this bucket to a sympathies
Bucket full of change
It may all seem picture perfect
But I have been caught hanging from the ceiling
And after I'll get through all of it, I'll go back to talking about life as if it isn't happening!
I stub my toe, stumble and slip
In realization, I found a rock with a dinosaur footprint
In the middle of my badlands
And I felt like the Grandfather of the buffalo
Track Name: Shapes and Sizes
Debug the systems
Drive-through thoughts
Pick up the cake for the holiday

Understanding thick accents
Over-stepping the dots
Your paper makes you look so scholarly

You can pay people to write your essays
You can pay them to take your tests
Wrap yourself around my neck

How many degrees can you collect?

I don't choose that way
I've got my paper and it doesn't matter what it says
I won't cube myself in the hallway
And cry shapes and sizes

If I marry you
Will I have to carry your weight
With a down payment?

If I carry your babe
Will I be a complaint
Or your estate -estate statement?

Will you be in the #1 Dad race
With a brief case
Just to provide the space?

Will I become a cliche?
I can't stand the sound it makes
Track Name: Tuck It In
Let's sing about the things that we see when we sleep and how they feel real

This theme is narrative
The story can't quite deliver
Something to bury it
Stuck in me like a sliver
So small but so deep
She can't quite deal with the heap
Of the nonsense filling her head
It seems like only last week
Was the flower in her tummy
It grew
Not fully maternal but to her
It's no longer personal
Tuck tuck tuck it in
It will be OK after the lullaby
Fluff the pillow
Get comfy for the rest of it
The rest you'll have tonight
Let's sing about the things that we see when we sleep and how they feel real
I had a dream
That my mother died
We all cried
As we sat inside
Among all of her old things
Ring Ring
We heard the phone ring
On the other end
My Grandmother spoke
Told us not to fear
Because it wasn't a joke
We all started wondering
If we were on the phone speaking to her ghost
She used to be really funny
She said
I'll take care of your mommy
I was a baby again
Lost in play-land
Memories of my sister in her tummy
My dad fell to the floor
I couldn't cry anymore
We all got up
And kicked down the door
My sisters and I
Ran through to outside
Dad led us to the pool
To make it our tide
And we flooded the backyard as our reply
And the water splashed
And killed the plants
And the mud flats grew
Over the grass
And we flipped the pool
Upside down to float on past
Let's sing about the things that we see when we
Let's sing about the things that we see
Track Name: Stay There!
Are you in harms way?
What can be done?
Stay there in the corner
Sucking your thumb

Give us five chances
We'll want five more
You just stay there
With your cup of tea repour

Are you inadequate?
How do you know where to fit?
Stay There in a snit
Locked in the attic

Stay there all stubborn
Listening to the parade
We'll all be out here
Sipping lemonade

It's a fast zipper
That catches the chin
And leaves you bleeding
With a torn piece of skin

Get over it!
Go out to the sledding hill
Carry your hot chocolate
In hopes it won't spill

Talk to your roommate
About doing the dishes
Would you stay there
If you had three wishes

Stay there all stubborn
Listening to the parade
We'll all be out here
Sipping lemonade

So walk this way
Follow the signs
We'll seek for guidance
And leave those bread crumbs behind

You'd be so beautiful
Under the full moon
You're moving everywhere
But you're falling down like underwear

Just run on the spot
To get yourself warm
Like bike seat bum cheeks
Trying to get home in the storm

Who knew how hard you'd have to petal
To get through the weather
Sitting there all awkward
In your Christmas sweater

You don't mix well with cocktails
You don't go well with wine
Spring in another season
It's redecorating time


This painful little guitar
This playful little guitar
This painful little guitar
It relates to you

This playful little guitar
This painful little guitar
This playful little guitar
It relates to you

Stay there play there...
In your underwear!

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